The escorting profession is a very lucrative job. In fact, high-end london escorts average around $500 an hour and has a yearly income of a whopping $200, 000. That is a huge amount coming from men who are willingly paying female escorts to fulfil their sexual desires. However, the question still remains on why people are still ashamed of talking about it even if prostitution is quite common a very popular.

For many years, going to a brothel has been somewhat a right of passage for men. Before 1960 in Italy, most men had their first sexual encounter with a woman in the local cat houses. They simply walked in there as boys and came out as men.

Nonetheless, somewhere along the way, men started to feel ashamed of their participation in the sex industry and it became something no one ever talked about and even admit to doing.

Different types of successful men such as celebrities, politicians, businessmen, famous athletes and major power players in the society, most of the time spends their hard earned money on a beautiful female escort for an evening. But what are the reasons behind it? Why do these successful men seek a professional escort when there are many women out there waiting in line to become their girlfriends? Here are the reasons why.

1. Successful men who seek the companion of a female escort want to skip the steps in a relationship and engage in the services of these call girls simply because they do not have all the time in the world for all the things related to courtship. They are incredibly busy persons who have little time to anything or anyone in their lives rather than their jobs or businesses.

These men are very passionate and devoted to their career that they have no time and energy to go through the hoops of dating in order to get the kind of physical intimacy that they are looking for. They are men of business who thinks that sex will be more comfortable when done through a transaction.

2. Men and women approach sex very differently. For most men, sex is simply a great physical sensation, while most women are more emotionally involved in their sensuality, that’s why their approach to intimacy is quite different altogether. An escort is not your average women, their attitude and skills are unique to their profession.

Female escorts are not interested with romance, relationship or even creating a deep connection with their clientele. They have mastered the physical aspect of sex while keeping their emotions in check. With escorts, men will not get any angry text messages when you don’t call her after an intimate night together.

3. One of the best characteristics of an escort is discretion. There are successful men with fetishes, and it can be difficult to find a regular woman who will be able to fulfil their fantasies without the needless complications. Finding an escort who is knowledgeable about their fetish and understands what to expect takes the risk out of having those fantasies realized.

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