New Zealand Classifies Escorts as Skilled Workers

New Zealand Classifies Escorts as Skilled Workers

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Escorts are now listed as skilled workers in New Zealand – and we say that it’s about time!

The law and escorting is a partnership that varies hugely across the world. In some countries, the practice of escorting is frowned upon by the authorities, and escorts are forced to work in dangerous conditions for fear of being prosecuted. In others, they can co-exist peacefully. This progressive attitude is most notable in New Zealand, where escorts are recognised as skilled workers. The way that New Zealanders view escorts is leading to a much better understanding of what they do, and women can carry out the job that they love without stigma or shame. So, could we learn something from this?

Liberal laws

New Zealand is one of the most open minded countries in the world, and nowhere is that more clear to see than in their laws regarding escorting. An act passed in 2003 ensured that escorts could advertise their work freely, and be upfront about the services that they offer. The move to decriminalise escort agencies attracted worldwide attention, and the country’s escort laws are some of the most progressive in the world. Recently, it emerged that escorting was included on the skilled employment list on the country’s immigration website.

No stigma

Escorting being classified as a skilled profession has been really beneficial for the industry. People recognise that there is far more to the job that meets the eye, and that to make it to the top takes years of dedication and experience. It’s also helped to reduce the stigma that often comes with adult work too. In the years before escorting was decriminalised and seen as a valid career choice, women would often be loath to admit what they did for a living for fear of being shunned by family and friends. We recognise that our own high class escorts are tremendously skilled, and love the New Zealand government’s progressive attitude.

Safer working conditions

Escorting being seen as a valid, skilled career also means that escorts are able to work safely. Before, they would have to carry out their work in secret, often in less than salubrious locations. This would put them at the risk of mistreatment by clients, and they in turn could not report those incidents to the police for fear of being prosecuted themselves. Now, it’s a much more open industry, and escorts can work in the open and in the safest possible conditions.

It’s time we got more progressive

What can we learn from New Zealand’s attitude to escorting? Well, we should be a lot more tolerant and appreciative of escorts here in the UK. An escort has taken years to hone her skills, just like any other professional – and she should be able to be proud of that fact. There’s nothing seedy or immoral about the service that our girls provide for their clients. They spread genuine joy and happiness, and our clients come back time and time again as a result. A wider appreciation of escorting would encourage more girls to join the profession.

Book your highly skilled escort today!

So, will the UK ever adopt similar laws to New Zealand? Only time will tell on that front – but in the meantime we should all give escorts the respect that they deserve. Escorts work in the industry because they love making people happy, and it’s time that we repaid some of that affection. So next time you book an escort, don’t be afraid to tell her how amazing she is at her job!



According to a sociologist’s book, Immoral Landscape: Female Prostitution Western Societies, there are six most common types of prostitutes and the places they work. In this book, the author takes a look at legalized prostitution in various countries as well as illegal prostitution in the United States, and found out that for some women, sex work is far better than others. Here are the various types of prostitution adapted from the book.


Independent escorts or call girls simply work on their own in hotels as well as private buildings like houses. They usually charge high rates, and most of the time stays away from the public eye. They normally advertise their services in the internet, and they also get to keep all of their income since they are not under any agency.


Escorts in London or call girls that are employed by agencies, just like the independent call girls, work in private places or hotels and comes with a relatively high rate. One example is the governor of New York who slept with an escort employed by an agency named Ashley Dupre, for a whopping tag price of $4, 300 per night. According to the book’s author, these girls face only reasonable exploitation since they have to give certain percentage of their earnings to the agencies they are under with.


Brothel is a place created for individuals who pay for sex and can also include massage parlors and saunas. The rates they change here are quite reasonable and the girls that work here has to bear modest exploitation since they also have to give some percentage of their income to the owners of the brothel. In some parts of Nevada, brothels are legal as long as they have a license to operate.


This kind of prostitution is widespread in Amsterdam, alluring passers-by to enter the houses of prostitution by blatantly displaying the women in windows. Here’s the book’s brilliant description of window work, which pays the women working here a low to moderate salary.

“Almost all of Amsterdam’s window rooms are single occupancy, separating workers from each other. Some rooms are connected to a bathroom and kitchen shared by several workers, but the women spend most of their time by themselves in front of the windows. The situation contrasts sharply with brothels, where workers can enjoy a party atmosphere and regular social contact with other providers, staff, and customers.”


This type of prostitutes make the first contact with their clients at a casino or bar then have intimate sexual encounters at a different location. In bars in countries like Philippines, Dominican Republic and Thailand, men pay bar fees in order to leave a club with a prostitute and spend a few days with her. These men pay the women’s expense during the time they are together, in a kind of arrangement that more often than not converses status on the sex worker. The women here ear low to moderate wages.


These prostitutes typically earn little to no money and are the most vulnerable to exploitation. It is no surprise that they get less job satisfaction as well as getting paid less than those prostitutes who work at bars and brothels. These prostitutes are also very dangerous.