Male escort is one type of male prostitution service or male escort profession wherein a young boy or a man has an on-going relationship with rich and alone women who have sexual needs and desires. These male escorts fulfil and satisfy the sexual needs and fantasies of these women and in return they satisfy the desire for money of the male escorts. One of the biggest questions that will come to someone’s mind when they hear this is, why do women need to hire a male escort and pay them for sexual acts when they can get men for sex without a price tag from a local bar or from a friend and even acquaintances?

A lot of people have given their opinion on this topic, and if you think the only reason these women hire male escorts purely for sex, then you are most definitely wrong. Many women don’t just need sex; they want the presence of someone in their life that will spend a good amount of time with them. They’re after quality time. These well-off women have enough cash but without any male partner who can provide them the pleasure they want because most men in their social circle are too busy with their businesses. This is one of the reasons why these women seek other men; however they simply cannot just get a man in their own locality to secure their social reputation.

Here are the top reasons why women seek male escorts for sex:

1. One of the top reasons why women seek male escorts for sex is when their husbands do not give them the proper attention they need and are more interested in making money than making love. Well-off women seek the companionship of male escorts because most of the time their husbands do not understand what their needs and problems are. When they are in desperate need for sex, they can’t just approach their friends or someone they know for security reasons and the threat of damaging their social reputations.
2. Typically, rich women travel a lot for business purposes and they are away from home most of the time. They also need some time to relax whenever they are stressed out, so they end up seeking male escorts in these cases. These male escorts make their trip more enjoyable both as a companion and a provider in the bedroom.
3. Husbands of rich women are only home once or twice a month. Because of these they lack sex as well as the loving arms of their husbands. They tend to stay alone for long periods of time and get desperate and a high desire for sex. They hire male escorts for sex since it is the best safest way for them to fulfil their desire and have a bit of fun.

4. Numerous women who are divorced and widows hire male escorts for sex to avoid a relationship with too much strings attached to it.
5. There are also times when male escorts get hired by couples. Though it may sound weird, but there are men who find pleasure in seeing their wives sleep with other men. In addition, there are some men who thinks that they cannot fully satisfy the sexual desires of their wives.