New Zealand Classifies Escorts as Skilled Workers

New Zealand Classifies Escorts as Skilled Workers

New Zealand Fun HouseIt’s Time To Change Attitudes In The UK

Escorts are now listed as skilled workers in New Zealand – and we say that it’s about time!

The law and escorting is a partnership that varies hugely across the world. In some countries, the practice of escorting is frowned upon by the authorities, and escorts are forced to work in dangerous conditions for fear of being prosecuted. In others, they can co-exist peacefully. This progressive attitude is most notable in New Zealand, where escorts are recognised as skilled workers. The way that New Zealanders view escorts is leading to a much better understanding of what they do, and women can carry out the job that they love without stigma or shame. So, could we learn something from this?

Liberal laws

New Zealand is one of the most open minded countries in the world, and nowhere is that more clear to see than in their laws regarding escorting. An act passed in 2003 ensured that escorts could advertise their work freely, and be upfront about the services that they offer. The move to decriminalise escort agencies attracted worldwide attention, and the country’s escort laws are some of the most progressive in the world. Recently, it emerged that escorting was included on the skilled employment list on the country’s immigration website.

No stigma

Escorting being classified as a skilled profession has been really beneficial for the industry. People recognise that there is far more to the job that meets the eye, and that to make it to the top takes years of dedication and experience. It’s also helped to reduce the stigma that often comes with adult work too. In the years before escorting was decriminalised and seen as a valid career choice, women would often be loath to admit what they did for a living for fear of being shunned by family and friends. We recognise that our own high class escorts are tremendously skilled, and love the New Zealand government’s progressive attitude.

Safer working conditions

Escorting being seen as a valid, skilled career also means that escorts are able to work safely. Before, they would have to carry out their work in secret, often in less than salubrious locations. This would put them at the risk of mistreatment by clients, and they in turn could not report those incidents to the police for fear of being prosecuted themselves. Now, it’s a much more open industry, and escorts can work in the open and in the safest possible conditions.

It’s time we got more progressive

What can we learn from New Zealand’s attitude to escorting? Well, we should be a lot more tolerant and appreciative of escorts here in the UK. An escort has taken years to hone her skills, just like any other professional – and she should be able to be proud of that fact. There’s nothing seedy or immoral about the service that our girls provide for their clients. They spread genuine joy and happiness, and our clients come back time and time again as a result. A wider appreciation of escorting would encourage more girls to join the profession.

Book your highly skilled escort today!

So, will the UK ever adopt similar laws to New Zealand? Only time will tell on that front – but in the meantime we should all give escorts the respect that they deserve. Escorts work in the industry because they love making people happy, and it’s time that we repaid some of that affection. So next time you book an escort, don’t be afraid to tell her how amazing she is at her job!

Meet A Lively Lass in Liverpool

Meet A Lively Lass in Liverpool

liverpool escortWhere to Find The City’s Loveliest Ladies

Liverpool is home to many escort agencies, but it’s at The Girl Collection that you’ll find the best.

Liverpool. It’s one of the most vibrant cities in the UK, and there are few better places for a romantic evening. If you’re single, there’s a really simple way in which you can still get out there and experience all that Liverpool has to offer couples. Yes, we’re talking about hiring an escort. There are so many beautiful Escorts in Liverpool for gentlemen like yourself to choose from, and that’s not the only good news. A date with an escort is all about you, and you’ll be able to customise it to your exact desires. Interested? We bet you are!

An agency who cares

First things first, it’s important to find an agency who you can trust. The Girl Collection, a leading Liverpool escort agency, place a huge emphasis on the safety and privacy of their clients. Whatever happens during your date, you can trust your escort to be discreet. She’ll arrive without attracting any attention (no leather mini skirts and fishnet tights to be seen here!) and will never kiss and tell once your appointment is over. So you’re at zero risk of any embarrassment.

Glammed up for you

Liverpool ladies are famed for their glamorous appearance, and the escorts at The Girl Collection are no exception. They love to dress up for their clients, and they will be nothing less than impeccably turned out for your date. These ladies come in all shapes and sizes – from petite local beauties to busty, curvy temptresses. Whichever takes your fancy though, you can be sure that she’ll love looking sexy for you. Remember, you can always request that she wear something specific, whether that’s a little black dress or some skimpy underwear. Just tell the agency when you book.

Not just a pretty face

While they are undoubtedly gorgeous, the best Liverpool escorts are far more than pretty faces. Witty, intelligent and open-minded, they’re incredibly easy to talk to and can hold their own in any social setting. Over their time working as high class escorts in Liverpool, they have truly mastered the art of seduction, and will show you new meanings of the word pleasure. To put it simply, they’re ladies who will satisfy both your body and your mind.

A wonderful city to explore

You can look forward to a fantastic night out in Liverpool with your escort. There are so many wonderful places to take a gorgeous girl on a date – from the hottest nightclubs in town to the most renowned restaurants. Your escort will go along with whatever you have planned, so you can choose your favourite places in the city and experience a romantic evening that’s all about you.

Hire your escort with complete confidence

If you’ve never hired an escort before, then it’s fine to be nervous. By hiring your escort from a reputable agency though, you’ll be supported every step of the way. Your questions, no matter how intimate, will be answered truthfully, and your escort will always let you set the pace and call the shots throughout your time together. So what are you waiting for? Liverpool’s best escorts are always in high demand, so it’s best to book now to avoid disappointment!

Celebrate Spring In London With a Babe

Celebrate Spring In London With a Babe

couple by Tower BridgeSay Goodbye To Winter With a Hot Date!

With winter now behind us, it’s time to see in spring with some sizzling dates in the capital.

While summer is still a long way off, we’ve finally seen the last of the super cold winter weather and spring is on its way! What better time to explore London then? If you’d like to celebrate the new season in style, then why not call an escort agency? You’ll be able to take your pick from the most gorgeous girls in the capital before enjoying a date that’s tailor made to your wishes. With a local beauty on your arm, you’ll certainly be travelling round the capital with a spring in your step! Here’s what you can expect.

Choose your agency carefully

First things first, it’s vital that you book with an agency. There are many solo escorts working in the capital, but as they don’t have to answer to anyone or follow any rules and regulations, you could be putting yourself at risk by hiring one of them. You’ll find the best London escorts at agencies like Babes of London, who carefully select the most gorgeous girls in the industry and then train them to the highest possible standards. So when you book a Babe, you can expect a service that’s miles ahead of the competition.

Your spring date

An escort is the perfect person to make the most of springtime in the capital with. Open-minded and always up for some fun, she’s comfortable on all kinds of dates. So whatever you’ve got planned, she’ll be more than happy to go along with. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a cruise down the Thames together, followed by dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. Or maybe you’ll make the most of the rising temperatures and sip cocktails at a balcony bar overlooking London? Wherever you end up, she’ll be happy to be by your side.

Things will only get better

It’s not just outside that things are heating up – they will be in the bedroom too! That open-minded mentality that Babes of London escorts have extends to the most intimate aspects of your date. She’ll be able to help you fulfil your deepest fantasies, whatever they are. As an experienced woman who is comfortable in her own sexuality, she won’t be fazed by any requests that you might have. So you can open up to her with complete confidence.

It’s time to treat yourself

Hiring an escort is the perfect way to shake off any lingering winter blues. Your needs will be put first at all times, and you’ll be showered with the attention that you deserve. So whether work has been getting you down or you’ve been suffering through the gloomy weather, a night with one of the girls from Babes of London is the perfect way to kick-start a new season. It’s onwards and upwards from here!

What are you waiting for?!

If you are interested in booking an escort, be sure to book ahead. As some of the most desirable women in the capital, the Babes of London escorts are very much in-demand. So to avoid the escort of your choice not being available on a date that suits you, pencil a date with her into your diary as soon as possible! Once you’re all booked, you’ll have an unforgettable evening to look forward to this spring.



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