The escorting profession is a very lucrative job. In fact, high-end london escorts average around $500 an hour and has a yearly income of a whopping $200, 000. That is a huge amount coming from men who are willingly paying female escorts to fulfil their sexual desires. However, the question still remains on why people are still ashamed of talking about it even if prostitution is quite common a very popular.

For many years, going to a brothel has been somewhat a right of passage for men. Before 1960 in Italy, most men had their first sexual encounter with a woman in the local cat houses. They simply walked in there as boys and came out as men.

Nonetheless, somewhere along the way, men started to feel ashamed of their participation in the sex industry and it became something no one ever talked about and even admit to doing.

Different types of successful men such as celebrities, politicians, businessmen, famous athletes and major power players in the society, most of the time spends their hard earned money on a beautiful female escort for an evening. But what are the reasons behind it? Why do these successful men seek a professional escort when there are many women out there waiting in line to become their girlfriends? Here are the reasons why.

1. Successful men who seek the companion of a female escort want to skip the steps in a relationship and engage in the services of these call girls simply because they do not have all the time in the world for all the things related to courtship. They are incredibly busy persons who have little time to anything or anyone in their lives rather than their jobs or businesses.

These men are very passionate and devoted to their career that they have no time and energy to go through the hoops of dating in order to get the kind of physical intimacy that they are looking for. They are men of business who thinks that sex will be more comfortable when done through a transaction.

2. Men and women approach sex very differently. For most men, sex is simply a great physical sensation, while most women are more emotionally involved in their sensuality, that’s why their approach to intimacy is quite different altogether. An escort is not your average women, their attitude and skills are unique to their profession.

Female escorts are not interested with romance, relationship or even creating a deep connection with their clientele. They have mastered the physical aspect of sex while keeping their emotions in check. With escorts, men will not get any angry text messages when you don’t call her after an intimate night together.

3. One of the best characteristics of an escort is discretion. There are successful men with fetishes, and it can be difficult to find a regular woman who will be able to fulfil their fantasies without the needless complications. Finding an escort who is knowledgeable about their fetish and understands what to expect takes the risk out of having those fantasies realized.



Male escort is one type of male prostitution service or male escort profession wherein a young boy or a man has an on-going relationship with rich and alone women who have sexual needs and desires. These male escorts fulfil and satisfy the sexual needs and fantasies of these women and in return they satisfy the desire for money of the male escorts. One of the biggest questions that will come to someone’s mind when they hear this is, why do women need to hire a male escort and pay them for sexual acts when they can get men for sex without a price tag from a local bar or from a friend and even acquaintances?

A lot of people have given their opinion on this topic, and if you think the only reason these women hire male escorts purely for sex, then you are most definitely wrong. Many women don’t just need sex; they want the presence of someone in their life that will spend a good amount of time with them. They’re after quality time. These well-off women have enough cash but without any male partner who can provide them the pleasure they want because most men in their social circle are too busy with their businesses. This is one of the reasons why these women seek other men; however they simply cannot just get a man in their own locality to secure their social reputation.

Here are the top reasons why women seek male escorts for sex:

1. One of the top reasons why women seek male escorts for sex is when their husbands do not give them the proper attention they need and are more interested in making money than making love. Well-off women seek the companionship of male escorts because most of the time their husbands do not understand what their needs and problems are. When they are in desperate need for sex, they can’t just approach their friends or someone they know for security reasons and the threat of damaging their social reputations.
2. Typically, rich women travel a lot for business purposes and they are away from home most of the time. They also need some time to relax whenever they are stressed out, so they end up seeking male escorts in these cases. These male escorts make their trip more enjoyable both as a companion and a provider in the bedroom.
3. Husbands of rich women are only home once or twice a month. Because of these they lack sex as well as the loving arms of their husbands. They tend to stay alone for long periods of time and get desperate and a high desire for sex. They hire male escorts for sex since it is the best safest way for them to fulfil their desire and have a bit of fun.

4. Numerous women who are divorced and widows hire male escorts for sex to avoid a relationship with too much strings attached to it.
5. There are also times when male escorts get hired by couples. Though it may sound weird, but there are men who find pleasure in seeing their wives sleep with other men. In addition, there are some men who thinks that they cannot fully satisfy the sexual desires of their wives.



According to a sociologist’s book, Immoral Landscape: Female Prostitution Western Societies, there are six most common types of prostitutes and the places they work. In this book, the author takes a look at legalized prostitution in various countries as well as illegal prostitution in the United States, and found out that for some women, sex work is far better than others. Here are the various types of prostitution adapted from the book.


Independent escorts or call girls simply work on their own in hotels as well as private buildings like houses. They usually charge high rates, and most of the time stays away from the public eye. They normally advertise their services in the internet, and they also get to keep all of their income since they are not under any agency.


Escorts in London or call girls that are employed by agencies, just like the independent call girls, work in private places or hotels and comes with a relatively high rate. One example is the governor of New York who slept with an escort employed by an agency named Ashley Dupre, for a whopping tag price of $4, 300 per night. According to the book’s author, these girls face only reasonable exploitation since they have to give certain percentage of their earnings to the agencies they are under with.


Brothel is a place created for individuals who pay for sex and can also include massage parlors and saunas. The rates they change here are quite reasonable and the girls that work here has to bear modest exploitation since they also have to give some percentage of their income to the owners of the brothel. In some parts of Nevada, brothels are legal as long as they have a license to operate.


This kind of prostitution is widespread in Amsterdam, alluring passers-by to enter the houses of prostitution by blatantly displaying the women in windows. Here’s the book’s brilliant description of window work, which pays the women working here a low to moderate salary.

“Almost all of Amsterdam’s window rooms are single occupancy, separating workers from each other. Some rooms are connected to a bathroom and kitchen shared by several workers, but the women spend most of their time by themselves in front of the windows. The situation contrasts sharply with brothels, where workers can enjoy a party atmosphere and regular social contact with other providers, staff, and customers.”


This type of prostitutes make the first contact with their clients at a casino or bar then have intimate sexual encounters at a different location. In bars in countries like Philippines, Dominican Republic and Thailand, men pay bar fees in order to leave a club with a prostitute and spend a few days with her. These men pay the women’s expense during the time they are together, in a kind of arrangement that more often than not converses status on the sex worker. The women here ear low to moderate wages.


These prostitutes typically earn little to no money and are the most vulnerable to exploitation. It is no surprise that they get less job satisfaction as well as getting paid less than those prostitutes who work at bars and brothels. These prostitutes are also very dangerous.